Award Winning

The project is multi-award winning and has been widely celebrated for its transformational story of exceptional housing delivery on an extremely complex site. It is a flagship project within TfL’s new 10,000 homes delivery programme and will be the first to be delivered. The scheme has won Best New Place to Live at The Mayor’s London Planning Awards, and the New London Architecture Housing Award

The secret to the project’s success was the creation of a beautiful and peaceful new pedestrianised cobbled mews street, over a 250-metre basement car park, set behind a continuous buffer of articulated, dual aspect, stacked maisonettes. As part of our ambition to create an integrated community, almost every home has its own front door. The result is that circulation and neighbourly interaction are focused out into the street rather than the anonymous corridors, lifts and lobbies of an apartment building. In a sense, the approach uniquely captures the best of both worlds by delivering the density, security and servicing associated with an apartment building, coupled with the community, personal space and comfort of a street-based terrace of houses. The project incorporates 50% affordable housing.


"Kuropatwa are successfully working with Transport for London to create new apprenticeship opportunities in Barnet. Their investment and vibrant participation in skills and employment initiatives fully validates their commitment to the Barnet community."
Barnet Council Senior Employment and Skills Officer

"Beechwood Avenue is a pioneering, paradigm scheme that will be used in the future as a precedent for achieving high density in lower-rise locations." Barnet Council’s Principal Urban Design Officer

Winner 2020
The project is multi-award winning Beechwood Avenue is a pioneering, paradigm

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