95 Peckham Road is a residential scheme built on the site of a former Petrol Station in South East London.

The tenement style mansion block has a stepped profile that provides room for sunny south facing terraces and a lively backdrop to the street. It is an evolution of the traditional mansion block because it is also designed primarily as street-based housing (in part as a result of multiple front doors along the pavement edge that activate the public space). This typology not only provides spectacular living space next to large roof terraces, it also minimises the amount of common stair and lifts, improving the building’s efficiency and cost.

From demolition to PC took 18 months and the quality of the build helped the scheme to win the New London Architecture Housing Award for 2020. The project has also been shortlisted for a RIBA award.

In the Evening Standard’s February 2020 article about 'The Living with Beauty' government advisory paper on planning and housing design, the 'Schemes Getting it Right' section led with two of our projects: Peckham Rd in Southwark and Beechwood Avenue in Barnet.


"Kuropatwa are a pleasure to work with. Contract negotiation was done in a rational, reasonable and efficient manner. The team took pride in the project. The site is well managed. We wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again."
Hexagon Housing Association

The project has also been shortlisted for a RIBA award 95 Peckham Road

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